"Sigrid researches intensively in order to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of whatever subject she is writing about. She has excellent copywriting skills, attention to detail and a profound understanding of the English language."

- Fiona Hilton, Marketing Manager at Yuppiechef.com

"Siri, as I've come to know her, really is just like iPhone's Siri, but better. There's little she doesn't know at least something fascinating about. In my many years of working with her, I have come to find her hunger for knowledge and her ability to retain vast quantities of it on any topic at any given time, her real secret copywriting superpower. Her ability to craft thorough, well-researched content that cuts out the stale while retaining entertaining wit and relatable insight sets her worlds apart. Moreover, her ample experience in product merchandising for online retail offers a powerhouse of valuable and applicable knowledge to any marketing endeavour."

- Andrea Fedder, Content & Copywriting
(Former Editor of Yuppiechef.com Online Magazine and Faithful to Nature Organic Blog)


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content marketing

Sigrid specialises in content marketing for the food and lifestyle industry, with a special interest in online retail. To see examples of her work - including work with SA online retailers, Faithful to Nature and Yuppiechef.com - please visit her portfolio.

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writing | editing

From kitchen utensils and recipes, to tech, refrigeration and wellness, Sigrid can craft a paragraph with punch, a sentence with structure and help you create a website, product and packaging that you can
be proud of.

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Writing in English is a minefield. Almost every rule has at least one exception, there are many words that sound the same but mean something very different, and spelling? It's for the birds. These are things that only a talented proofreader will spot.